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Jeremy Enigk, Sunny Day Real Estate, NYC 09.24.94

well, this photo was to go up last week and i would've got huge irony points for posting it the day that SDRE's breakup was announced, but due to computer problems and other stuff this page has been neglected. i'm going to try get a few updates a week at least, but not back to "a photo a day" til the new site is ready.

i shot this the second time i saw SDRE, at Irving Plaza as part of the 1994 CMJ Festival, they were opening for the Dambuilders and Shudder To Think. go figure. it was the best of the three times i saw them. the first was at a 1993 Sub Pop CMJ showcase at Brownies in NYC - they only played four songs because it was a showcase and it was running late. the last time i saw them was yet another Sub Pop showcase at the 1998 CMJ festival, on their reunion tour. that show was so lame as it was oversold, beatlemania was in effect, and Dan kept on laying on the cheese saying how great it was to be playing and how the audience was so great etc. the best part was seeing some little emo baby balling his eyes out through the whole set with his head on the monitor, like it was some life changing experience.

i was introduced to SDRE by Kim from Sparkmarker. Kim had a copy of their demo when i spent some time with the Marker in 1993 - not sure if it was as SDRE or Chewbacca Kaboom. all i remember was the vocals were a lot higher than what ended up on the record... the first time i heard the tape i was like "what is this crap, Pearl Jam?" after a half dozen listens from Toronto to Ottawa (and a serious case of sunburn on my right arm from being designated navigator), the demo grew on me and i promptly ordered their two 7"s (which i will probably put on on the block once i burn them to CD - email me your offers :) I definately like Diary and Jeremy's solo record the best. The Pink Album and the MP3s of the new record on Timebomb don't do much for me and i didn't even listen to the live record after hearing a diehard fan say it was pretty crappy.

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schuss  n.  in skiing, a straight, fast, downhill run.

right: "I took the schuss way too fast and wiped out breaking my ankle."
wrong: "The skateboard store just got the new line of Airwalk schuss in."

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