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this is louisville, kentucky's Crain at CBGB's in new york city on october 28, 1992 as part of the cmj seminar. also on the bill were Jawbox, Quicksand, Girls vs. Boys and Wool. yep it was a smokin' show. possibly one of the best shows i have ever seen. it was the first time i saw Quicksand, and despite the fact they were wearing matching striped designer longsleeves they were amazing. the b&w live photos from their 1993 album "Slip" were shot at this show. (not by me, unfortunately.)

CBGB's has always one of the best places too shoot live bands. a club with a lighting technician who focusses all the lights before each band -- what more could a photographer ask for except for maybe radio controlled strobes in the ceiling like an nba basketball arena...

Crain's 1994 record "Heater" is one of my most played records from that year. i have two copies on CD and one on LP. the album was released by restless records and was deleted shortly thereafter. whenever i see a great record like this in a used bin for $3 i have to buy it to give it a good home. (i have five copies of the Doughboys' "whatever" -- four on vinyl and one on cassette.)

i just checked the restless homepage and their current roster consists of: 5 Footaz, DJ Magic Mike, Econoline Crush, FLAK, The Golden Palominos, Jessica, Katalina, Lori Carson, Michael Sweet, Spain, They Might Be Giants, Warren G. i'll give them props for the Golden Palominos and Lori Carson. if you scroll down to their "catalog" section you can see what a great label they used to be...45 Grave, Babes In Toyland, The Cramps, The Dead Milkmen, Devo, The Dickies, D.O.A., Dream Syndicate, The Flaming Lips, The Replacements, Residents, Stiff Little Fingers, T.S.O.L, The Untouchables, Wall Of Voodoo, The Wipers, Wire... what happened?

Crain isn't even acknowledged in the "catalog" list. neither is the Doughboys. fuck restless.

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hansom -  a low, two-wheeled, one-horse carriage, with the driver seated behind and above the cab

example: "There won't be very many tourists taking hansom rides through Old Quebec the weekend of the FTAA summit."

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