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i shot this in ottawa on the #7 bus (going south on bank street just past the queensway overpass) a few years ago. i was sitting on the bus, looking around, passing the time. the guy on the left (smiling) and i simulaneously clued in, did double takes and started smirking. luckily i had my camera in my bag and it was loaded. i guessed the aperture and distance, set the camera up in my bag, raised the camera, took the shot, and put the camera back in my bag all in one fluid motion leaving the primary subject was none the wiser. then we started howling, sharing a private moment, in total oblivion to those around us. i guess the horndog's hearing aid wasn't turned on, and those in the vicinity assumed we were loopy as he had flipped the page, effacing the cause of our reaction.

there are so many shots i see on a weekly basis and curse the fact i don't lug my camera gear around everywhere i go. that is part of the reason i bought the lomo -- its compactness and the built-in lens cover allows me to keep it the pocket of my jacket or knapsack. i saw an olympus pen ee, half-frame camera yesterday and it looked pretty awesome. i may try pick up one of those too.

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ebulient  1. full of enthusiasm; exhuberant.  2. boiling or bubbling up.

example: "Theodore was ebulient at the sight of the new mountain bike under the Christmas tree."

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