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i shot this photo on the roof of the Regina hockey arena in Regina, Saskatchewan on the Dookie tour. this image is from a colour slide i shot for Warp magazine. i didn't realize that Mike Dirnt was wearing a competing skate mag's hooded sweat top til half way thru the shoot and i got him to cover part of the logo in gaffing tape. he spelled out "hash". after the shoot they took off and hid the ladder leaving me and my helpers stuck on the roof for a few minutes til some maintenance staff returned the ladder. ha ha. funny guys.

in the end green day didn't make the cover of Warp, just the table of contents page and a half dozen shots inside the mag. this is one of the 90-odd shots which weren't used. i recently scanned this slide and converted it to B&W for publication in the next issue of Stop Breathing magazine.

at first i was a little holier than thou, wanting to turn this shoot down because green day had turned punk rock into Top 40. i decided to do it after thinking about things and realizing that it was better that 12 year olds were going to see green day than new kids on the block, and that hopefully a percentage of the 5000 kids they play to each night will go looking for music by The Clash or Fugazi or Black Flag or The Nation of Ulysses or Screeching Weasel (the Riverdales were opening the tour) after getting their first taste of punk. also, i would get to stop in winnipeg on the way back and see my mom, grandfather and my pal jon schledewitz (and green day again.)

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bursa - a pouch or sac like cavity; esp. one containing a lubricating fluid and located at joints of the body.
example: "I wiped out on my skateboard and busted up my knee so badly that my bursa exploded."

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