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Kill Sadie - May 30, 2000 - my parking space - Ottawa

disaster struck and my trusty 1705 apple monitor died a slow and painful death this weekend. i have been scrambling trying to find a temporary replacement monitor (thanx Sarah!) while i debate buying a new 19" jobby or ditching my G4 tower for a G4 powerbook... if only i hadn't seen/played around with and been tempted by Jason's G4 powerbook. i should hopefully have the site back on a regular schedule by monday...

Kill Sadie played the last all ages/punk show at Molly McGuires on May 29, 2000. the ownership changed a little bit before that, but Jeff (the awesome manager) was cool and arranged to let this show happen. i had a Firebird Band show booked 5 days before, but cancelled that due to sketchiness on the booking end as well as having a gut feeling that the new management wouldn't take to the all ages/punk shows...

and i was right...

the show opened with locals A Smile For Weakness. they are a noisey, metally, screaming sortof band and the second they kicked into their set the owners and regulars ran for the patio, covering their ears. they spent the better part of the set making fun of ASFW and the 50-odd kids at the show. i started feeling very uncomfortable. i spoke with Jeff and offered to stop the show and move it to Club SAW. he said it was okay and to keep going, that he'd sort it out with the new owners.

when ASFW finished a fight broke out. not between the kids at the show. not between the kids and the regulars. but between two regulars. a clean cut guy wearing dress pants and a shirt and a biker-looking guy. the clean cut guy gave his glasses to someone to hold and tried to dropkick the biker guy, but slipped and looked like an ass. the scuffle moved outside and then some scarier, more biker-looking dude pins the first biker guy to the hood of a car and starts wailing on him. seeing "Outlaws" emblazoned on the aggressor's belt gave me the shivers.

i didn't feel safe for myself or the crowd and immediately walked over to Club SAW to see if the space was free. it was, but by the time i got back Course of Action was about to play and we (ASFW, COA and Kill Sadie) decided to keep the show there and keep our fingers crossed.

no futher bullshit went down, well, other than a drunken Paul Crabwebs stumbling by outside and trying to pick a fight with some kid with a mohawk thinking he was Nelson from COA.

in it's year or so of facilitating all ages/licensed shows Molly McGuires saw the likes of Alkaline Trio, Lustre King, Discount, Braid, The Promise Ring, The Get Up Kids, At The Drive In etc. grace their stage. Molly McGuires became "Molly's In The Market" shortly after the change in ownership and is now "Climax". hopefully the owners and regulars have changed with the name.

these pix were taken with my Casio QV-11 digital crapera outside my place the day after the show. if it isn't apparent, Kill Sadie hate having their photos taken.

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oriel  n.  a bay window, especially one built out from a wall and resting on a bracket or similar support.

right: "When the fight broke out at the bar, the biker dude almost got thrown through the oriel."
wrong: "I always confuse baltimore oriels with scarlet tanangers."

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