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Armx Protest, Ottawa, May 22, 1989

this photo was shot at outside an arms tradeshow hosted by Canada's Department of Defence at the Ottawa Civic Centre. this image ran on the cover of the Carleton University student newspaper.

after seeing this shot, a lot of people asked whether i had set it up, something i have always been very against. "photo illustrations" as they are called nowadays.

the main demo held on the 21st attracted over 2000 concerned Ottawans. i shot a roll of the protesters parading down Bank Street and gathering in front of the facility. punx in skull facepaint carrying mock missles, chalk drawing on the pavement, graffiti on newspaper boxes, flowers and signs attached to the large gates constructed around the city owned athletic facility specifically for this event.

the next day at 8am a couple hundred protesters congregated outside the entrances to the attrocity exhibition. as the gates opened to admit the buyers and sellers, those opposed locked arms in front of the gates, while others weaved coloured yarn throught the protesters. some of the weavers held dolls symbolizing the children that would be killed or maimed by the weapons being peddled inside. eventually the police dragged away the peaceful protesters and closed the gates. in the fracas a doll was dropped and crushed and i got this shot.

almost 12 years later, weapons proliferation continues despite the lack of any real threats... George W. Bush resurrects Reagan's missle defence initiatives - The Empire Strikes Back?

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turpitude  n.  inherent baseness; vileness; depravity

example: "Hulk Hogan went from a saintly persona to one of turpitude to bolster his popularity."

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