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Rollins Band, Two Steps Beyond, Ottawa, Easter Monday, 1988.

this was the first time i saw Rollins. it was the Lifetime tour. it was a pulverizing experience. not the loudest show at 2SB, that honour goes to the Swans, but equally heavy and intense. definately the best of the five or six times i saw Rollins Band before losing interest. the last time i saw them was on the Lollapalooza 1 tour.

i reviewed this show for the university newspaper. my lead "two thousand years ago some dude was nailed to a tree. this weekend 200 people were nailed into the ground." didn't quite make it to print.

i have an audio tape of the show. it starts out with my then girlfriend (who was holding the recorder while i shot some pix) and her friend hubba hubba-ing over the man's muscular tattooed bod. the banter continued throughout the tape.

when the band came thru the next time (Hard Volume tour) i put on the show and the band stayed at the semi-yuppie condo i lived in at the time. our uncool, housemate Jeff was away and Rollins wanted to crash early, so we hooked him up on floor of the vacant room. a couple hours of hanging with Chris Haskett later, a wave of panic struck me. remembering a passage from a Rollins spoken word show, i envisioned him destroying every single U2 and Bon Jovi CD in the room. luckily, or unluckily, depending on how you look at it, Jeff's music collection escaped unscathed.

Lifetime is by far the best Rollins Band album with Drive By Shooting and Hot Animal Machine tied for second.

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soporific  adj.  1. causing sleep  2. drowsy, sleepy

example: "Listening to Codeine is sometimes soporific."

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