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the promise ring, singapore restuarant, philadelphia, today.

this is the promise ring and tour manager Erik (centre) after stuffing our guts with singapore's amazing vegan dishes. we took over the upstairs room and did kareoke and had a great time. tim and darren from jade tree joined us. darren sang kareoke to "break down the walls" and i did "long division".

actually i am pulling your leg, this was shot back in october when the promise ring was on tour with bad religion, BUT I am in philly today, i saw the ring play at the rotunda last night, and chances are we hit singapore before they left town.

today (sunday) when i was riding my bike i was thinking that vacations don't really do anything to vacate me. the week leading up to this four day visit to Philly i have been busting ass to take care of two shows, getting pix to punk planet, updating punkottawa.com and this site. when i get back i will be killing myself to get stuff all sorted out for the darkroom facility i manage and other miscellaneous things that fell by the wayside while i was away. plus, i'll have 5-8 rolls of film to develop on my return.

expect to see new pix of alkaline trio, xlimp wristx, !!!, unitas and the sharyl cro(w)mags next week.

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the promise ring

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solicitous  adj.  full of concern as for the attainment of something.

right: "I am solicitous about getting back into Canada on Thursday."
wrong: "When we walk home down Gladstone St., the prostitutes solicitous."

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