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Haymarket Riot, Ottawa, April 20, 2001

mike bennett, billy smith, fred popolo, kevin j. frank - my front steps

so kevin calls me to book a show and i am like, "well, you know what happened last time..." and he's like, "well, we'll hire you to take band portraits if you do a show, despite what happened last time" and i am like "well, okay, but i better get paid bigtime cos i am still suffering from emotional damage due to what happened last time..."

well, not really, but here is what happened last time...

01.21.2000 - Club Saw - Ottawa - kepler, haymarket riot, slow parker. HR are in the middle of their set, rocking out, 70-plus kids are getting blown away, and i am shooting. billy, hopped up on caffeine or something, starts yelling "USA! USA!" between songs. people give him weird looks. HR keeps on rocking out, the kids keep on rocking out. billy continues spewing pro-American slogans. being an equal opportunity photographer, i am pretty close to the band trying to get pix of the drummer as well as the musicians in the forefront. as the set ends, billy flashes back to 1990 and pulls a Grohl, knocking over his drum kit and i get paiste 14-inch crash cymbal embedded in my right ankle.

i wiped off the blood, limped away and laid the guilt trip on billy. i took a photo of him making the international symbol for loser, as well as a few shots to document the damage. everything smoothed itself over and i assured billy i was okay.

a few months later, i get a large, heavy package in a padded envelope. i open it up and it's billy's 14" crash with a big crack in it and "shawn, look what your ankle did to my my stuff" written on it in marker.

the cymbal is nailed to the wall in my living room, i still have a divot in my ankle, and haymarket riot are one of my favourite bands and good friends.

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mummer  n.  1. one who acts or makes sport in a mask or disguise.  2. an actor

right: "Robert Downey Jr. is yet another mummer busted for drug posession."
wrong: "In the next scene in the porno the pizza delivery guy gets a mummer."

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