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some punk dude from Montreal at Club SAW, Ottawa - 05/19/01

hi! remember me? scallen.com... it's been a while since i put up new photos. sorry. i have been super busy overextending myself with my part-time jobs and a few other freelance sound and photo gigs. if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger, or something like that...

this is a photo of a member of Montreal Motorhead-wannabes Inepsy. they played at Club Saw two weekends ago. i was working that show doing sound and snapped a few photos as well. you gotta admire someone who a) has a full chest tattoo of his band's logo and graphic (what happens when they break up?) and b) dances around drunken master style, blathering incoherently in French, through a gas mask. i missed an amazing shot of him moshing around shirtless with two cleancut high school punk kids, one under each arm, but this pic is pretty sweet.

also on the bill was a Montreal band called Last One Running. they were pretty good - straight ahead hardcore in the vein of Black Flag before they got metal. the vocalist and guitarist used to live in Ottawa 12 years ago and were in a band called Dr. Sicky. they were 11-13 at the time. i thought it was pretty cool that they were so young and in a band and took some pix and helped them get a write up in MaximumRockandRoll. it's pretty cool to see some people actually stick with punk for more than a high school or college sentence...

i think the plan is to dig up Dr. Sicky pix and juxtapose them with photos of their new band as an exercise in punk anthropology.

the other plan is to find the time to finish up the new version of this site...

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Hitite  n.  one of an ancient people who established a powerful empire in Asia Minor and northern Syria about 2000-1200 BC.

right: "Hitites were mostly living in the Middle Anatolia, the country with lots of sun, soft mountains, and hard climate."
wrong: "If MaximumRockandRoll is the punk rock Bible, Hitite of Quit It is the punk rock National Enquirer."

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