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Sam McPheeters, Born Against - Ottawa, ON, circa 1991

this shot was from a two day Rock Against Racism concert at the Ottawa Boys and Girls club. also on the bill were Rorschach, Nausea, Oi Polloi, Winter and a handful of local bands including Double Think (Yannick from Uranus/His Hero is Gone/Tragedy's first band.) ironically, a Rock For Racism concert was held there a few years later drawing 600 protesters and requiring a team of riot gear to protect and escort the 80-odd Nazis. if i can find a good photo from that demo maybe i will post it tomorrow.

i don't remember too much about the show other than it was in an echo-y gym and the turnout was pretty good. i do remember reading Sam's tour diary in a zine and him dissing Ottawa as being boring, saying that all they did was hangout at the kid who was putting on the show's house and play Nintendo. whatever. maybe if they would've got out of the house they could've found some excitement.

regarding yesterday's photo (oops i just nuked the page... will try bring it back) i received and email from Gavin reminding me the context of that photo, Anal Chinook were opening for the Dead Milkmen and here is what happened... enjoy:

Ozzy Osbourne (played by a black guy with a box top) was killed by an evil priest (played by Rodney Anonymous of the Dead Milkmen). It was our job to try to bring him back to life. We tried music (the ska triubute "O" double "Z," "Y") and we tried prayer but the only thing that worked was shittting in a bucket together. That unity combined our love and made him come back from the dead. My mom was in the audience and when we threw the Oh Henry! bars (our "shit") into the crowd one hit her in the head. She still talks about that when she's drunk.

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and you think you have foot odor...

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nucleotide  n.  a compund, containing a sugar, a nitrogen base, and a phosphate group, and that is a basic unit of DNA and RNA

right: "The biochemists isolated the nucleotide from the rest of the DNA molecule."
wrong: "When the big one drops, all the dead fish will wash up in the nucleotide."

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