05/16/01 - 05/17/01

photos of the day


Joe Easley, between Ottawa and toronto, May 5, 2000                                    Tim Kinsella, Ottawa, April 29, 2000                 

a couple of photos from my super crappy Casio QV-11 digital camera.

i bought this camera on Ebay a few years ago for the sole purpose of adding pictures to Ebay auctions. i used it a bit while touring - it's kindof fun and has it's charm. plus there is no shutter click so it makes taking clandestine photos a lot easier. i got a new Mac a couple years ago and i couldn't get the Casio driver to work with the Apple serial to USB adapter so i don't use the camera that much any more. i am seriously thinking about buying a decent digital or DV camera. i have a lot of shit to sell on Ebay ...plus i'd like to start getting into video.

the Joe Easley shot was taken in the Dismemberment Plan van between Ottawa and toronto. Mike Feuerstack (aka Snailhouse) was hitching a ride as well. i like the etheral quality to this image. the Plan's toronto show at Ted's Wrecking Yard was amazing as a) there was a very drunk "interpretive" dancer going off through their entire set and b) Heather Ryan came up from Buffalo for the show and i got to hang with her too.

the Tim Kinsella shot was taken in Ottawa the day after he played a "solo" show here. i kindof screwed up and listed the show as August 28 in some places so the turnout was a little sparse, but i still managed to pay him a decent amount of cash. the show was in a small bar at Carleton University called Mike's Place. there were a pile of regulars talking rather loud so Tim had their roadie sit on stage and drink a pitcher of beer while Tim and Todd Mattei (Joan of Arc guitarist) set up in a corner and played an intimate set, highlighted by some crazy feedback trying to get the loud patrons to shut up.

links of the day

th dismemberment plan
joan of arc

word of the day

isometrics  n. pl.  exercises that strengthen muscles by tensing them against opposing muscles or an immovable resitance.

right: "The athlete wasn't pushing the wall out of frustration, but was doing some isometric exercises."
wrong: "The isometric system is used to measure frozen substances."

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