05/14/01 - 05/15/01

photos of the day

Warren Peace, Grave Concern, Ottawa, circa 1991

Heaven Dog, Ottawa, circa 1993

ahhhh, the good old pre-Green Days... before punk and hardcore were turned into dookie by the mass media...

the photo of Warren from Grave Concern was taken at Porter Hall, Carleton University. the photo of Heaven Dog taken 100 metres away from Porter Hall, outside on the Carleton campus, by Dunton Tower.

Grave Concern ruled the Ottawa hardcore scene in the late 80s combining the heaviness of speed metal with the politics of anarcho-punk in a lean, clean crossover machine. the extent of their musical output was limited to two demos, up until this year, when they regrouped, released a four-song CD, and played a "reunion show" at Bumpers. Warren has been vocalizing for a band called Mumbleweed for the last few years.

Heaven Dog were the next "big" band in the local punk scene, though taking a more pop approach to their punk. they played Club SAW and The Pit regularily and their biggest achievement was playing in front of 1000-odd kids opening for the Doughboys at the Tulip festival. that show included the immortal words "what's a stage plot?" and their first experience with a rider, which saw one of their (underage) friends get a little too trashed. Drummer Ted Wilson (bottom centre) got his start in the entertainment biz on You Can't Do That On Television and currently plays in a rawk band called The Cobras. he also has been known to frequent Open Stage night at the Elbow Room. this was the most dangerous shoot i had ever done as the band almost suffocated during in the process. what was i thinking... wrapping them in cling wrap with no airholes.

i'm going to probably be doubling up on photos of the day for the rest of this week to afford me a bit of time to work on getting some images and text ready for a new, flash-ier, site which will hopefully go up next week...

links of the day

dean and nigel
dog heaven

word of the day

salient  adj.  standing out prominently; conspicuous.

right: "The goal of Dean and Nigel's performance art is to avoid being salient."
wrong: "The nurse administered a salient solution to patient in a coma."

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