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this photo was shot on january 25, 2001 around 8pm at a salvation army in syracuse, new york using my brand new lomo camera with "natural" light and 100 ASA lomo film. i scanned the neg with a nikon LS-2000 scanner, touched up a scratch on the neg in photoshop and printed it out with a HP Deskjet 930c photo printer at the darkroom facility  i work at. i scanned the print out at home on my flatbed scanner. yeah, i could've just emailed myself the original scan but that would've been too easy.

i drove down to syracuse to see atom and his package, as well as to pick up the camera and a boxed tron handheld game which i had shipped to him. i figured it's safer and easier for me to drive that stuff back into canada than let canada post bash it about AND charge me duty. yes, i am a cross boarder shopper. you should see the stylin' threads i picked up at the champion and tjmax outlet stores.

i met atom at the bar - the old parochial hall -- around 5pm. when we walked in it was full of factory workers and lawyers. there were no flyers up in the venue for the show. we were a little worried and went to hangout for a while. we went to a veg cafe at the university campus. even tho they had an "earth crisis" special of the day, i opted for the faque chicken sandwich which was breaded deep fried tofu. yum. we eventually made if back to the venue, spoke to the promoter and all was well. we still had time to kill so i forced atom to drive me to the closest salvation army. we didn't find anything cool to buy, but i got this awesome shot.

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word of the day

toggery - informal 1. togs collectively; clothes  2. a clothing shop
example:    "Dude, where did you get those stylin' threads?"
    "I picked up this oufit at the toggery."

(in case you are wondering, this was a random word i pulled from the dictionary. ironic, isn't it?)

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