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The Monorchid, Ottawa, July 29, 1997

The Monorchid, on Lebreton Street S., just around the corner from my house, the day after they played here.

the show was at Gallery 101, at their old location on Lisgar Street. also on the bill were The Warmers and Crom-Tech (both from DC) and locals Polemic. the turnout was good, around 60 people, and the bands were all really good. Crom-Tech were pretty amazing with their jazz/metal onslaught. seeing a good opportunity to spend some time with old friends Alec Mackaye and Chris Thomson, i went to see the bands play Montreal the next night as well. they were booked into the backroom of a record/skate store in the burbs called Underworld. the promoter didn't really promote AT ALL and two people showed up, both leaving - "oh, i just wanted to stick my head in and say hi, but i gotta go wash my hair. bye." none of the bands ended up playing and i jumped on the 9pm bus back to Ottawa. i did get to spend some time with Chris and Alec and that was worth the 2 hours travel time each way.

the same guy who "promoted" that show owes me a couple hundred bucks for records he sold in his distro, but we won't go there.

Chris and Andy of The Monorchid joined forces with Kim Thompson (ex-Delta 72, Cupid Car Club) and Brooks Headly to form Skull Kontrol. they have a couple records on Touch & Go.

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mc hawking

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dipsomania  n. uncontrollable craving for alcoholic drink.

right: "Those who walk the straight-edge would never suffer from dipsomania."
wrong: "I can't believe you locked your keys in the car again, are you suffering from dipsomania?"

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