04/22/01 - 04/23/01

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Atom and his packages, Syracuse, NY, January 25, 2001.

two pix of Atom Goren and a few of his favourite packages... the Jesus shot was taken at a Salvation Army, the laptop shot at our host's house after the show.

both of these shots were taken with my lomo camera with "lomo" film which came with the camera. notice the cool colours...

Atom is on tour now in the US in support of his new album "Redefining Music" on hopeless records. go see him at Robot Steakhouse in Portland OR tonight (04/23) it's at 3605 NE 50th Avenue (50th and Fremont) @ 7pm.

i met Atom the summer of 1996 in Minneapolis, MN. he was on tour with Franklin and i was on tour with Across Five Aprils. when i first met him, Atom was sitting in a chair entranced by his sequencer, wearing headphones and programming it. he shared his songs with the guys from Franklin who coaxed him to plug his package into the PA and kick out a couple songs at a few of their shows on that tour. four years, a half-dozen 7"s and albums later and Atom is a full fledged rock star. ha ha. expect to see him on the Warped Tour next year!

Atom is one of the funniest and funnest guys i know. he has been asking me to tour with him for some time now (why i do not know? i'll be "let's stop at that thrift store" every 20 minutes...) if all goes well and i can swing it, i hope to take him up on his offer in the fall.

(after a few emails in support of my idea to compact weekends i think i will do that from now on. i'll either post one photo for fri/sat/sun, or post three pix with shorter commentaries)

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atom and his package

word of the day

ragamuffin  n.  anyone, esp. a child, wearing ragged clothes.

right: "Oliver Twist and his gang of ragamuffins specialized in relieving shoppers of their wallets."
wrong: "The new Tim Horton's in Bombay specializes in raga muffins."

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