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Aidan Girt and pit, Ottawa, circa 1989

this photo was taken at an MDC concert at the Sandy Hill Community Centre. the grimacing face is that of Aidan Girt, original vocalist for the Trapt, vocalist for Anal Chinook and current percussionist of exhuast and godspeed you black emperor! he has a solo project called 1-speed bike. all have releases on constellation records.

i figured since i gave Gavin of Anal Chinook a photo here a few days ago Aidan deserves one too. plus this is one of my favourite "pit" photos.

soon after this i made a decision to abandon taking photos of people moshing, stage diving, crowd surfing, etc. so as not to publicize what i eventually realized were stupid ways of expressing oneself at punk shows. a few years previous, i would argue til i was blue in the face that "it was your right to stage dive, mosh, etc" even after getting a boot to the head a Dead Kennedys show or seeing someone split their head open at a hall show i organized. something eventually clicked (i think it's called maturity :) i did a 180 and realized how dumb it is to jeopardize the well being and enjoyment of others, as well as the potentiality of injuries, lawsuits and venues getting shut down.

this photo was part of a three image portfolio which won first prize in the Carleton University Photo Club annual contest in April 1989. the other two images in the portfolio were the one of a Rollins Band show i posted here a few days ago and a shot of Brian Finestone (Harsh Reality) doing a swan dive into the crowd with a look of fear on his face and an audience member in the background looking up, with a look of fear on his face, preparing to duck and cover.

i dug this photo up (still dry mounted from that contest in 1989) and entered it in the contest this year as a joke (i am the coordinator of the darkroom facility now). the judges actually chose it as one of the winning shots but then upon realizing it was mine, dropped it out of the top 5 and gave it an honourable mention. damn.

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Glen E Friedman

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colander  n.  a perforated vessel for draining off liquids

example: "I really hate it when the spaghetti sneaks through the holes of the colander, into the sink, and down the drain."

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