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Jonathan "Widdalee" Cummings of the Doughboys - Ottawa, ON - Feb 14, 1989

i shot this on Valentine's Day 1989, at Barrymore's after ditching my girlfriend (for the evening). now you may think that is a crass thing to do, but i reluctantly agreed to bail on the show first, going out to dinner and doing the typical Valentine's Day couple thing. but after going back to my place and tucking my drunken cohort in, i looked at the time, realized the band hadn't gone on yet, and hightailed it to the show.

after missing a Circle Jerks/7 Seconds show for a local theatrical performance i vowed to put rock and roll before significant others from there on in. this decision proved quite wise a few months later, ditching the same girlfriend and a group of our schoolmates, choosing Billy Bragg's opening act -- the Beatnigs -- over sitting around watching the crew drink a few pints before the show. The Beatnigs were amazing, Billy Bragg was allright. much to the chagrin of future love interests i have usually put rock and roll over doing couple things. most of the time.

i forget who opened the Doughboys show (probably because i got to the venue minutes before they hit the stage) but i do recall Blake from Anal Chinook and Andrew Geddes straddling each other face-to-face, dry humping, on stage, in a drunken ode to Valentine's day during the Doughboys set.

i shot this photo with a 16mm lens, using a Vivitar 285 flash on a bracket and you can see the second slave flash i was using as a fill in flash in my left hand.

i have seen the Doughboys over a dozen times as a spectator and them another half-dozen as the promoter. i think i can honestly say the first (Club Zinc, Hull Winter 1987/88) and the last (Ottawa Congress Centre, opening for The Offspring, 1994) shows were the best shows. through three years of putting on shows for the Doughboys (1989-1992) i would do everything from simply requesting the old stuff, to writing "Tradition" on the bottom of their set lists when they weren't looking, only to be let down. on the final tour it was cool to hear the songs of their first (and best) album "Whatever", even though Jon Cummings had turned down the "last stab" tour and they had to get Mark Arnold (Big Drill Car) to fill in.

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copious  adj.  1. abundant; plentiful  2. diffuse, wordy

right: "I find it distrubing that when I cough, a copious amount of green/brown phlegm comes out."
wrong: "It is pretty copious of Office Jones to go to church on his morning break instead of the donut shop."

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