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taken on december 30th, 1996 at a new year's eve festival in burlington, ontario, this is jerrod from north carolina's Triple Crown. my back was tweaked prior to the road trip and six hours in a car didn't help. neither did slipping on the ice carrying distro stuff into the club. i spent the majority of the show sitting at a table at the back of the venue peddling my newly released okara record, in complete pain. triple crown was the only band which rocked hard enough to get me to shimmy up to the stage and shoot some pictures. they played a frantic hybrid of the sounds coming out of san diego and washington DC at the time. the white belt is a dead giveaway...

also on the bill was an all white, pro black panther, marxist-leninist band from the Chicago called Race Traitor. while they were all the rage at the time due to being HeartattaCk cover boys, they didn't go over well with the hardcore kids as they "preached" to the audience for the majority of their set. it was one big argument interrupted by a few songs. this band was so volatile the band members were beset by a rift on stage. i miss bands like race traitor and Frail. bands who address and engage and even cajole their audience instead of "this song is about this cause/subject/news item...1-2-3-4. rattatata boom boom boom..."

the second day of the festival was moved to a church in guelph, ontario. i dealt with distro for the majority of the night due to severe pain, edging up to the front for Drift and Jihad. after the show i went to see steve clarkson (aka superex, bias ply -- two of the truly greatest projects i have ever heard) who was doing sound for king cobb steelie at a super small bar, which was weird considering that guelph was their home town at that point. it was 2am and everyone was obliterated. a ran into a former co-worker who proceeded to spend 15 minutes sluring at me saying how great a guy i was. thanks, i love you too. really. i do.

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epoch 1. a point in time marked by the beginning of a new development or state of things
           2. an interval of time memorable for extraordinary events, important influences, etc.

example:    "My vintage Dracula tabletop video game was made in 1982 by Epoch."

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