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Strike Anywhere, Ottawa, March 15, 2001

finally a photo from this decade, you must be saying to yourself... this is (old) Matt, of Richmond, Virginia's Strike Anywhere at the Montgomery Legion Hall on Kent Street. (they have two Matts in the band and the other one is Cute Matt, though i beg to differ :)

i saw Strike Anywhere for the first time a little over a year ago at the Macrock Music Festival in West Virginia when i was on tour with Discount. the Macrock is a mini, uncorporate version of CMJ, with a really good lineup. unfortunately Discount had used up all their guest list spaces, so i had to talk my way in to the show/festival. "who can i speak to about media accreditation?" i asked, "what is accreditation?" was the reply from the person at the desk. i ended up tracking down the press coordinator and a few minutes later i had passes for me and my pal in Discount groupiedom, Heather Ryan. i caught the end of SA's set and was only able to shoot a couple pix, so when i heard they were playing here i was pretty stoked. i managed to do sound for the show, rock out, and shoot a roll of film at the same time. in my opinion SA were the best band of the night, but i am not a big fan of 88-style hardcore like the two openers, Count Me Out and Miles Between Us.

i forgot about the low ceiling and crappy lighting at the Legion until i developped this roll. damn. a lot of the shots were washed out by big squares of flourecent lights in the middle of the frame. another lighting problem was the surplus of cameras. i was shooting with a long exposure to try use some of the ambient light and ended up getting a few double exposures from other people's flashes. this one isn't so bad, it actually worked out well.

we got to hangout a bit at the show, but i was tired and had to get my PA back, so i bailed on the after show shenanigans. i met SA at the Ottawa Hardcore scene's choice of diners, Elgin Street Diner for lunch the next day. after some veggie burgers and fries with vegan gravy, we did some portrait shots around there. Strike Anywhere are super nice guys and great live. check them out when you get a chance. when they come up here in the summer (hopefully) i'll definately have to tag along for a bit.

Strike Anywhere just recorded an album for Jade Tree and it will be out August 14.

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steady-state theory  n. the theory that the universe is continually expanding, but maintains a constant overal density as new matter is created.

right: "The astronomy professor explained the steady-state theory to his class."
wrong: "Don't Mess With Texas is an American steady-state theory."

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