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xlimpwristx - the killtime, west philadelphia, may 6, 2001

I flew down to Philadelphia to see my Wisconsin pals the Promise Ring and was lucky to catch another mid-western pal Martin (from Los Crudos) and his new gay straighedge band, xLimpwristx.

Earlier in the evening I went to see Alkaline Trio open for Blink 182 at a huge venue called the Electric Factory. After sitting thru the worst "punk" (and i use that term very loosely) band ever, Sum 41, I bailed after six Alkaline Trio songs and hopped on my borrowed bike and went from South Philly to West Philly in record time. Well, until I took the wrong turn and ended up on the West River Parkway. As I travelled down a desolate, dark, riverside bike path looking for a turnoff to West Philly I started getting worried as the area began to look more and more like some place where people would dispose of dead bodies. I stopped twice, checking my map, trying to act inconspicuous, and eventually decided to backtrack and try again. Everything worked out and just as I pulled up to the club my cell rang. It was the Ring and they were in town a day early. Jason and Davey met me at the club 20 minutes later. Other surprise faces at the show were Aidan from Godspeed You Black Emperor/Exhaust who was in the midst of a truncated One Speed Bike tour, photographer Chrissy Piper and Todd from His Hero is Gone/Tragedy. It was a great show and it had a sense of community and unity completely opposite of the generic, cookiecutter punk show I was at a few hours earlier.

Straightedge is a musical sub genre of punk characterized by fans who abstain from drugs and alcohol. It seems to attract a semi-meathead (well, veg-head, but you know what I mean) audience so a gay straightedge band is a nice change. Seeing gay skinheads jump around naked in the mosh pit, as opposed to typical straightedge kids kickboxing each other in the head, is quite refreshing.

I'll keep this brief as Joe from The Big Collapse (who rocked Bumpers to a small but appreciative crowd tonight) wants to do some web work on my computer. He is the web guy for Rawkus Records check his shit out.

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hoyden  adj.  boisterous.

right: "Yo, chill out and stop acting so hoyden."
wrong: "Hoyden Caulfield is my favourite literary charcater."

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